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Roman Stolyar at Museum Of Contemporary Art, Zagreb


Museum Of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Avenija Dubrovnik 17


Sun, October 1, 2017


100 HRK


We often consider a speech as something existing separately from other sounds. We often perceive sounds as aliens existing in space. We often think that space, as a complex and infinite being, can hardly be described by speech. The exploration of the unity of speech, sound and space requires complete attention and deepness from those who want to explore. The way to explore Space, Speech and Sound is the unity of Spontaneity, Synesthesia and Synthesis.

When an unknown word is spoken, it is becoming an alien sound. When the sound is created with
certain loudness, pitch and curve, it can be perceived as a word, even unknown. What happens in...

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Roman Stolyar uploaded this event on September 18, 2017